Phan Quốc Cường
General Director

– Diplomas: Bachelor of Economics University of Business Management and Marketing Science. Certificates of Graphic Design and Key Event Management.
– As the founder of SunRise advertising company in 2004, Phan Quoc Cuong has more than 15 years of experiences in graphic designing, printing, holding event, PR, marketing and other advertising activities.
– Duty: General management of business and other activities of the SunRise.

Bùi Thị Ngọc Chu
Deputy Director

– As the Co-founder of SunRise advertising company, Bui Thi Ngoc Chu is experienced in production managing and cost control. She has great knowledge of modern printing technology and always does her best in order to make sure of the highest quality and optimal aesthetics for all products.
– Duty: Managing production, business, finance and customer service.

Lê Hồng Thái
Art Director

– Diplomas: Bachelor of Fine Arts; Certificate of Advertising Specialist.
– Before joining SunRise, Le Hong Thai worked for several prestigious advertising companies. He has many years of experiences in creativity and art design with a modern style that fits well with the current trend in the world.
– Duty: Creating ideas, managing design team and being responsible for art works in general.

Nguyễn Huy Tuyên
Final Artwork

– Nguyen Huy Tuyen has more than 10 years of experiences in printing and final artwork before production. His motto is, “All specifications must be perfectly prepared before starting production.”
– Duty: Doing final artwork, film control and production supervision.